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Johns Hopkins University World's Fair collection
Charles Howard Carter diplomatic history collection
Anne Tyler inscribed print of self-portrait and letters
Bob and Frank Cicero oral history about Globe Poster Printing Corporation
Caleb Smith letters sent from Hong Kong to Ethelbert Marshall Smith in Amoy (Xieman), China
Copies of letters and papers concerning the "Affaire Carrouges," a Surrealist controversy also called the "Affaire Pastoureau"
Copies of Letters Used in Evaluation [Appendix 3], 1964-1975
Cleveland Abbe papers
Correspondence relating to NACA and NASA, 1940 - 1966
Philosophy Department records
Space Telescope Science Institute records
Trip to Geneva and Rome regarding United Nations (UN), Russians and peaceful uses of space, 1964 May - June
Francis Rourke papers
Program: Hampton Institute's "A Festival of the Performing Arts and a Symposium on New Horizons in Communications", featuring poetry readings by Langston Hughes, 1964
Playbills (3): Stella Holt production Jerico-Jim Crow by Langston Hughes, directed by Alvin Ailey and William Hairston, approximately 1964
Sheet music: "Moon Outside My Window" from Tambourines to Glory, book and lyrics by Langston Hughes, music by Jobe Huntley, published by Chappell & Co., Inc., 1964
Sheet music: Freedom Land, for voice and piano, words and music by Langston Hughes, published by Ralph Saitz Publications, Inc., 1964
Thomas Hollingsworth collection of Genealogical Data on the British Peerage
Department of Health, Education and Welfare, 1959-1962, 1964 RESTRICTED
Department of History of Science records
Douglas C. Turnbull Jr., 1957-1964
Robert W. Thon Jr., 1964
Paul H. Nitze, 1956-1964
Thomas S. Nichols, 1964-1967
S. Page Nelson, 1958-1964
John M. Nelson , 1958-1964
J. Crossan Cooper Jr., 1964
Detlev W. Bronk, 1958-1964
Robert D. Black, 1964-1966
Treasurer: Candidates for Position, 1964
Treasurer (Confidential), 1964
School of Advanced International Studies Office of Development and Alumni Affairs records
Johns Hopkins University General Assembly records
Office of the President records
Student Affairs--General, 1964
Student Affairs--Complaints about, 1964-1967
Treasurer, 1964
Treasurer: Investment Portfolio, 1964
Treasurer: Report on Computation of Division Rates, 1964
Social Relations, 1964-1965
SAIS--General, 1964-1967
SAIS--General, 1965 July-1964 December
Student Affairs: Orientation, 1963-1964
SAIS--General, 1964 July- 1964 December
SAIS--General, 1964 January-1964 June
SAIS--Bologna Center, 1961-1964
School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)--Advisory Council, 1964-1965
Sidney Offit papers
Robert H. Roy papers
Probation Committee records
History of Ideas Club records
Department of Mathematical Sciences records
Lieselotte E. Kurth-Voigt papers
Walter Vincent Johnson collection on slavery
Baltimore Bibliophiles records
James Wilson Poultney papers
Victor Lowe papers
Woman's Club of The Johns Hopkins University records
Robert A. Wilson collection of Gertrude Stein materials
Registrar, 1964
Psychology, Department of, 1964-1966
Press, Johns Hopkins, 1964-1965
Post-Doctoral Study--Homewood, 1960-1964
Post-Doctoral Study--General, 1963-1964
Political Science, Department of, 1964-1967
Physics, Department of, 1964-1967
Department of Philosophy, 1964-1967
Pension, 1964-1965
Nursing School, 1964-1965
Newsletter, 1964-1966
Near Eastern Studies: Oriental Seminary, 1964
Ernst Cloos papers
Minority Groups: Community Relations, 1964
Medicine: Medical Planning and Development: Town School, 1964 June- 1967
Medicine Medical Planning and Development: Town School, 1963- 1964 June
Medicine: General, 1964 August-1964 December
Medicine: General, 1964 January-1964 July
Medicine: Faculty, 1964
Medicine: Lawsuit, 1964
Medicine: Dean, 1964
Medicine Buildings and Grounds Turner & Traylor, 1964-1965
Medicine Buildings and Grounds: Reed Hall, 1964-1965
Medicine: Advisory Board, 1964-1966
Library: General, 1964
Library: Construction of MSE Library, 1964
Long Range Planning, 1957-1964
Levering Hall, 1964-1965
Institute of Law, 1964
Hygiene: General, 1964
Hospital-General , 1961-1964
Humanities Seminar, 1964
Hospital--Children's Rehabilitation Center, 1964-1965
History of Fine Arts, 1964-1965
History, Department of, 1964-1966
German, Department of, 1964-1967
Geography and Environmental Engineering, 1964-1966
Fund: Baird President, 1964
Ford Foundation: Grant Application, 1963-1964
Financial Aid, 1964-1965
Finance Committee: Reports, 1964-1967