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"1964 - 6:30a.m. - Let's Go!" [L.B.J.]
"A History of Latin Script," (1964) photocopied manuscript with typed notes, 1969
"A Note on Bayes Detection of Signals" (12) by Ogg, F.C., Jr., 1964 June
"American Philosophy Since Royce," Dr. Victor Lowe, Spring 1951
"An Approach to the Determination of the Intrinsic Dimensionability of a Signal Collection" (RADC-TDR-64-212) by Bennett, R.S., 1964 August
"An Observation of the (0,0) Negative Band of N2 in the Dayglow" 1964
"An Outline for Research in Penology." Operations Research, 1964 January-February
"Ante-Bellum South," Dr. C. Vann Woodward, Fall 1957
"B" Subject File, 1961-1964
"Beginnings of Modern America," Dr. C. Vann Woodward, Fall 1950
"Changing Patterns in East-West Relations," October 27-December 6, 1964
"Communications Satellite Corporation Initial Stock Offering," volumes I and II, 1964
"Communications Satellite Corporation: First Annual Meeting of Shareholders", 1964
"Down-to-Basin Faults" (research reports for Humble Oil Co./Esso Production Research Co.), 1960, 1964, 1966
"Far UV Dayglow Measurements: Atomic Oxygen" 1964
"Fifteenth Century Renaissance," Dr. Frederic Lane, Fall 1950
"Hugh Latimer Dryden"; biography prepared by Hugh Dryden relative to receiving the Hill Space Transportation Reward, 1964 May
"I got it with a shot from the hip" ["Modern Republicanism"; GOP Nomination 1964]
"I" Subject Files, 1964
"Initiation and Gradual Evolution of the Scientific Spirit of Theodore von Karman" by Maurice Roy, 1964
"Joe's House" architectural plans, approximately 1964
"Johns Hopkins Review," WJZ narrator talking to Lynn Poole & Gray Poole, about Olympic Games of Greece, 1964
"Johns Hopkins Review," WJZ-TV, narrator talking to Lynn Poole and Gray Poole, about Olympic Games of Greece, 1964
"Let's go to the ball game" [1964]
"Major Issues in American Foreign Policy," March 31-May 10, 1964
"Major Issues in American Foreign Policy," Weekend Conference, May 8-10, 1964
"Measurement of Relaxation-Times of Paramagnetic Ions in Crystals: Ruby" (AF-111) by Brown, G.C., Jr., 1964 June
"Multipath Transmission from an Inaccesible Source" (RADC-TDR-64-284) by Ogg, F.C. ; Butterly, P.J., 1964 August
"Nine Month Assembly Address," Amherst College, 1963
"Off we go, into the wild blue yonder . . ." [Goldwater; Local Candidates; 1964]
"Radioisotopic Biochemical Probe" annual reports, 1962-1964
"Ring out the old agreements, ring in the new" [Khrushchev; 1964]
"Rocket Spectrometer Airglow Measurements in the Far Ultraviolet" 1964
"Science and Religion", 1964 May 6
"Scientific Contributions of Hugh L Dryden" by Hugh L Dryden, 1964 January
"Sequential Detection II" (RADC-TDR-64-195) by Middleton, David, 1964 July
"Systemic Political Theory," T. I. Cook, undated
"The Magnetic Field of Dependance of Paramagnetic Relaxation In A Kramers Salt at Low Temperatures" (AF-107) by Davids, D.A., 1964 April
"The Peabody Story": An address delivered by William L. Marbury before the Baltimore Chapter of the Newcomer Society, 1964 April 16
"The Scientific Contributions of Hugh L Dryden" prepared by Hugh L Dryden: finished typed text and penciled first draft, 1964 January
"The South Since Reconstruction," Dr. C. Vann Woodward, Spring 1951
"The Tiny Creatures", 1964 December
"Zero-Crossing Intervals of Gaussian Processes" (AF-110) by Rainal, A.J., 1964 June
"Zero-Crossing Intervals of Rayleigh Processes" (AF-108) by Rainal, A.J., 1964 May
(1964) "Progress Report on the Residential Water Use Research Project"
(1964) "Use of Peak Demands in Determination of Residential Rates
(unidentified drafts), undated
(unidentified manuscript copy), undated
------- "Belgian Autonomy under the Archdukes, 1598-1621." J. of Modern History, September 1964.
------- "Gondomar: Ambassador to James I." The Historical Journal. (VII, 2) 1964.
-------- "The Information Base of Spanish Policy, 1598-1625." J. of World History, (VIII, 1), 1964.
1318-1323, undated
1328-August 1336, undated
1336-1337- A.P. Mazzo, undated
1337, 1338, 1339 (end of war), undated
1339-1345 Uhertino (Discard), undated
1345 and 1393, undated
1355-1358, undated
1356, undated
1357, undated
1360, undated
1361, undated
1362- July 1363- San Ilario, undated
1364-1365, undated
1366, undated
1366: Francesco Novello I’s execution, undated
1368-1371 Venice, undated
1370: Strangello libel, undated
1372-1373, undated
1375, undated
1375, undated
1379, undated
1380-1381 Francesco Novello (the elder), undated
1381, undated
1382-1383, undated
1386-1388, undated
1388-1390: Discards, undated
1388-free, undated
1388-Tyendia, undated
1388: July Francesco Novello, undated
1391, undated
1393-1394, undated
1395-6, undated
1397-8, undated
1399-“New pact”, undated
1400, undated
1401, undated
1403, undated
16. "Indépendance en autonomie d´O.R.T.F”
1606 – Proposed expressway crossings of the Inner Harbor, 1942-1964
1607 – Drawings by Tom Todd for the Inner Harbor Master Plan, 1964
1615 – Photos of the model of the 1964 Inner Harbor Master Plan, 1964
1964 "Petrologic Reactions Involving Gases of the System C-H-O"