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Photographs, negatives, and engraving prints used in Ex Libris issues, approximately 1931 - approximately 1963
Paul Johnson illustration printout of Edgar and Betty Sweren's house and exhibition catalog of Sweren book collection
Johnson, Paul
Jacob L. Greene correspondence
Seitaro Goto correspondence
Shriver Hall Murals records, 1937 - 1964
Visiting Committees, 1963-1964
Buildings and Grounds, 1964-1966
Original Trustees Descriptive Data, 1954 - 1964
Evergreen - Springlake Way ext. 59, 1956-1964
Evergreen (Sale of) and (Proposed House) Johns Hopkins University (JHU)/Loyola Deed, 1961-1964
Mergenthaler Hall - Applications, Grant Award, 1964-1967
Oceanography Building General Correspondence, 1964-1967
Letter of Intent and Contract and Insurnace - Remsen Annex, 1963-1964
Tabulation of Bids and Bids Including Lab Furniture - Remsen Annex, 1964 April 2 - 17
Release of Mechanics' Leins Sheets Whitehead Hall, 1963-1964
Bustin' Loose (previously titled, Family Dream), 1979 August 10
Jacob L. Greene correspondence
Seitaro Goto correspondence
Susan Turner correspondence, 1957-1964
Armitage, Dorothy Thomas letters, research material, 1964
Correspondence, 1964
Mediterranean, 1964 December 28- 1965 February 9
Pousseur, Henri. Sept Versets des Psaumes de la Pénitence. (Universal Edition, London, 1964: EU 13906), 1950
Milhaud, Darius. Adieu : cantata for voice, flute, viola and harp. (Elkan-Vogel Co, Philadelphia, 1965), 1964
Ligeti, György. Aventures. (Edition Peters, New York, 1964: No. 4838)
Durkó, Zsolt. Improvvisazioni : per quintetto a fiati. (Editio Musica, Budapest, 1970: Z.6405), 1964
Davies, Peter Maxwell. Seven In Nomine. (Boosey and Hawkes, London, 1968: BandH 19619), 1964
Davies, Peter Maxwell. Shakespeare Music. (Boosey and Hawkes, London, 1970: BandH 19779), 1964
Crumb, George. Four Nocturnes : Night Music II. (Edition Peters, New York, 1971: No. 66465), 1964
Cowell, Henry. Vocalise : for soprano, flute and piano. (C.F. Peters, New York, 1964: Edition Peters 6675)
Birtwistle, Harrison. Music for sleep. (Novello and Company Limited, 1964: 19303)
Gloria, Aq., undated
Conversini Epistolis Zagreb MS. II 61C, undated
Biblioteca Civica, Padua. B.P. 990, n. 49 his. Albertino Lapafava du Carrareri, not. Acts. But B.P. Letters to Carraglioni, and other letters, undated
Archivio di Stato, Padua, Archivio Notarile, reqs. 32-37 (Rrazzi), 115-118 (Zennoni), etc., undated
Dandi Diss. 8, undated
Petrarch microfilm , undated
Biblioteca Civica, Padua. B.P. 1355 B. Zacco. Cronia, undated
A5. Venice Pacta V, VI, undated
Archivio de Stato, Padua. Archivio Notarili, req. 31 Campolonqi, I, undated
Venetia in Marea Neagra, undated
Giovanni Conversano’s Epistolario, undated
Maratica?, undated
Giovanni da Nono De Generatione, Seminario, undated
Archivio di Stato, Padua, Archivio Notarilo, req. 5, Calvi, I., undated
Biblioteca Civica, Padua. MS. B.P. 928; ed. Documenti per servici. La storia carrarer, Vol. II (selectively), undated
Statvta- Pata vena (?), 1528/ 1362?, undated
Statvti Collegium Indices, undated
Missive della Prima / Missive I Cancellario (1352-1388); “selectively letters to Francesco il Vecchio de Carrara”, undated
Biblioteca Civica, Padua, B.P. 825, undated
Epytoma Sapientie- Venice 1505, undated
Riccardo Predelli- I Libri Commemoriali Della Republica v. 3 (1878) and v. 9 (1883), undated
Sime Ljubic - Listneo Odnosoajih Izmedju Slavenstva Mletacke Republike 1872-1874, undated
Conversini and F.[Francis] Zabarella notes (notebook), undated
Via IV Novembre, 8 Busa de Viqenza Il Costo della Vita (notebook), undated
Inventories Archivio de Stato, Padova Paduan Families, B.G. Kohl, 1978, 1985-86, undated
Photocopies, undated
Envelope with book photocopy, letter - in Italian, undated
New Collge? D.155, undated
(unidentified manuscript copy), undated
Delustro Alhorum?, undated
De dilectione regriantium?, undated
De inimo elus lintroito?, undated
Xerox- Rationarium vite, ed. RS, undated
RV Billiot? 288 (negative copy (microfiche) of old manuscript), undated
Correspondence with Frederic C. Lane, 1964-1985
Johns Hopkins University Press- Marketing, 1996 December- 1999 March
Chojnacki Correspondence, 1985 January 5- 2003 October 6
Fulbright, 1963 November- 1964 July
Accommodation- July 1384, undated
Giustinian, Pietro use in 1385, undated
Fina da Carrara, undated
Late 1384, undated
Factions- 1318-1328, undated
Archive Notes- 51370-51380, undated
1386-1388, undated
Cerdolini of Perugia- mercenary 1386, undated
CORFU- 1386 onwards, undated
1381, undated
1382-1383, undated
1379, undated
Lazzarini, V.- 1379, undated
A.P.- Used 1370, undated
Winkelman- Xerox, undated
August 1381, undated
1362- July 1363- San Ilario, undated
1361, undated
1368-1371 Venice, undated
Lucia- 1370, undated
1372-1373, undated
M. de Carrara- 1373 plot, undated
Petrarch to Seniles- 14.2- December 1373, undated
1375, undated
Wenzel Gustav- 1379, undated
Archive Department (A.D.) 1337-1350, undated
Mussato, undated
Opposition, undated
Basilio, undated
1339-1345 Uhertino (Discard), undated