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Carson, Rachel, 1907-1964
Katzenellenbogen, Adolf, 1901-1964
Raney, M. Llewellyn (McKendree Llewellyn), 1877-1964
Keefer, Clarence Edward, 1891-1964
School of Arts and Sciences. Department of Near Eastern Studies
Graves, Anna Melissa, 1875-1964
Van Vechten, Carl, 1880-1964
New York World's Fair (1964-1965 : New York, N.Y.)
"Let's go to the ball game" [1964]
"1964 - 6:30a.m. - Let's Go!" [L.B.J.]
Commemoration, William F. Albright, "Our Time in Archaeological Perspective", 22 February, 1964
John Hinkley Lecture, Ely Devons, "Serving as a Juryman in Britain", December 1964
Library Dedication, Remarks by Milton S. Eisenhower, 7 November 1964
"I got it with a shot from the hip" ["Modern Republicanism"; GOP Nomination 1964]
Entree [Johnson; 1964 Thanksgiving Menu]
"Off we go, into the wild blue yonder . . ." [Goldwater; Local Candidates; 1964]
Mitchell, Jesse, 1964-1972
Miscellaneous Articles, 1981-1984
Nidey, Russell, A., 1959-1964
AURA, Meeting Minutes and Memos, 1962-1964
Library Dedication, 7 November 1964
Lest we forget . . . [U.S. Casualties; S.E. Asia 1964]
Video tapes and films, 1964-2002
"Johns Hopkins Review," WJZ narrator talking to Lynn Poole & Gray Poole, about Olympic Games of Greece, 1964
Dr. Linebarger, predicts war in Vietnam, talks about Buddhism, approximately 1964
"Johns Hopkins Review," WJZ-TV, narrator talking to Lynn Poole and Gray Poole, about Olympic Games of Greece, 1964
Dr. Linebarger, predicts war in Vietnam, talks about Buddhism, approximately 1964
Herbert Baxter Adams papers
"Ring out the old agreements, ring in the new" [Khrushchev; 1964]
Rachel Carson collection
Love, 1964
Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Ulrich von
Palfrey, John, 1964
Civic Design Committee certificate, 1964
Raymond Dexter Havens papers
Leonard Leopold Mackall papers
Hoover, Herbert Clark, 1874 - 1964
Adolf Katzenellenbogen papers
Death condolence letters, 1964 - 1964
Death condolence cards, 1964 - 1964
Death condolence book from funeral, 1964 - 1964
Arthur Oncken Lovejoy papers
McKendree Llewellyn Raney poetry collection
Eleanor Turnbull papers
Cleveland Abbe papers
Sumner Chilton Powell papers
Paul Haupt papers
Clarence Edward Keefer manuscript
National Sanitation Foundation. Southeastern Michigan Sewerage and Drain Study, 1957-1976
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission/Metropolitan Washington Region Council of Governments, 1939-1982
Council of Governments, 1964-68
Leon C. Marshall notebook
Executive Office of the President. Office of Science and Technology, 1961-1976
Safety and Licensing Board, 1964-77
World Health Organization, 1943-1988
Ghana study, 1964, 1967-68
National Academy of Sciences, 1944-1989
Division of Engineering & Industrial Research, 1948, 1951, 1964
Pollution Committee, 1964-66
Maryland State Planning Commission - general, 1964-68
American Water Works Association. Pipe Specifications Committee, 1949, 1961-64
Technicon. Israel Institute of Technology, 1955-1989
Frank Ringgold Blake notebooks
School of Hygiene and Public Health: International Health course material, 1964-67
Ernst Cloos papers
"Wedging, Bedding-plane Slips, and Gravity Tectonics in the Appalachians", 1964
"Appalachenprofil 1964", 1964
"Structural Geology of Howard and Montgomery Counties", 1964
"Down-to-Basin Faults" (research reports for Humble Oil Co./Esso Production Research Co.), 1960, 1964, 1966
Samuel Ottmar Mast papers
Old Words for Sickness and Healing., 1964
Library, 1956-58, 1964-66
Correspondence, 1932-2000
Johnson, Lyndon, October 1964
Kaske, R.E. "Ex VI Transicionis" and its Passage in Piers Plowman."; "A Poem of the Cross in the Exeter Book.", 1963, 1967
Mortenson, Robert. "Yeats's Vision and The Two Trees'.", 1964
Schlauch, Margaret. "Realism and Convention in Medieval Literature.", 1964
Correspondence relating to NACA and NASA, 1940 - 1966
Edward Henry Spieker papers
“History of American Thought;" Dr. Barker, Fall 1950
"American Philosophy Since Royce," Dr. Victor Lowe, Spring 1951
"Systemic Political Theory," T. I. Cook, undated
"Fifteenth Century Renaissance," Dr. Frederic Lane, Fall 1950
"Beginnings of Modern America," Dr. C. Vann Woodward, Fall 1950
"The South Since Reconstruction," Dr. C. Vann Woodward, Spring 1951
"Ante-Bellum South," Dr. C. Vann Woodward, Fall 1957
"Nine Month Assembly Address," Amherst College, 1963
Letter to Lionel Lewis regarding book about Owen Lattimore case, undated
5 letters and 2 photographs of Kikujiro Saigo, Japan, undated
Vol. 14 October 1949-1964
Vol. 32 April 1955-1964
Vol. 71 January 1964-
Vol. 72 January 1964-
Vol. 73 March 1964-
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Vol. 78 December 1964-
Francis M. White papers